Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Why everyone’s going there, and what to know before you go (with kids)!

You might have seen this beautiful picture on your socials – it’s Nusa Penida, and it’s a must-see place for Bali lovers!

With an abundance of stunning natural beauty, crystal clear blue seas, and the classic island vibe with palm trees galore, everyone is flocking to this majestic paradise with good reason.

However, if you’re going there with kids, there are some things to know before going.

Here are our ‘top tips’:

Getting to and from the island:

Ferry tickets from Bali to Nusa Penida are relatively cheap, and there are several boat companies with different departure and return times that leave from Sanur pier. 

The trip takes up to an hour each way, so trying to do it as a day trip is too much to manage with kids, so stay for a night or two!

This way you'll also get to take in the beauty of Nusa Penida and all that this paradise island has to offer without the crowds.

Leave the suitcase in Bali:

All you’ll need is an overnight bag. A backpack with essentials (like nappies, formula, medication, and toilet paper) will do.

To get on the ferry you’ll be wading through knee-deep water and lifting kids onto the boat, so leaving your suitcases in Bali and travelling light, makes a whole lot of sense.

If budget allows, we recommend you keep your room at your hotel in Bali, so that you don’t need to check in and out. Keep valuables in the safe.

Alternatively, check out and ask the hotel to take care of your larger luggage for a night or two until you get back from Nusa Penida. Most hotels are happy to help and have storage facilities.

Stay at Coco Resort Penida:

While you'll find many beautiful accommodation options that offer amazing views, if you're intending on taking your little ones with you, you’ll want to stay a bit further back from the cliff edge.

We found Coco Resort Penida to be the most family-friendly accommodation on Nusa Penida. Not only is the price for a family bungalow incredibly reasonable at $120 AUD per night, but the rooms are also clean and spacious.

They have a fantastic kid-friendly pool and restaurant on-site, and you can even hire scooters from reception if you'd like to explore the island in more depth.

When you arrive on the island you can take a short 10-minute taxi ride from the ferry to the resort.

Scooter hire:

Scooters are the best way to get around the island if you feel confident riding one.

My hubby’s an experienced rider so it felt really safe for the three of us to travel around by scooter. We only travel at around 30kph, and traffic tends to be light on the island anyway. 

If you don't feel comfortable riding a scooter with your kids, you have the option to hire a driver for the day. That way you’ll get to see a lot more than you could do if travelling by foot.

Nusa Penida isn’t really set up for walking anyway. The distances between sites are too great.

NOTE: Check whether your travel insurance will cover you and your family if you choose to ride a scooter. Travel insurance will often only cover you if you have an Australian motorbike license or equivalent.

Kelingking Beach: pronounced Cling King.

This is the beach that put Nusa Penida on the tourism map.

It’s an absolute must-see if you’re on the island. You’ll see why Instagrammers flock here, but the walk down to the beach isn’t suitable for children.

Don't worry. You'll still get incredible views from the top. Just be sure to go before 10.00 am to avoid the crowds and stand back from the edge for safety.

Safety harnesses and toddler carriers.

There are minimal safety barriers, particularly at the viewing points, of Kelingking Beach, so consider bringing a safety harness or a toddler carrier if you're travelling with young children that may wander off.

The best beach for swimming.

If you're after a beach for swimming Crystal Bay is a breathtaking spot, and much more suitable for children and families than Kelingking Beach.

Eating out:

Nusa Penida doesn’t have the variety of options, such as fine dining or kid's menus, that you get in Bali. It's a lot of Indonesian, Indonesian and more Indonesian.

As a family, we love this about Nusa Penida, but you or your kids might not.

If you’re travelling with picky eaters, we recommend you head to Penida Colada Beach Bar. It does have all the classic favourites like burgers, and fish & chips. 

Also, don't forget to take a My Big Adventure Bali Travel Diary with you! It’s filled with fun and educational activities, so the kids won’t get bored while you wait for your meals.

Plus, documenting the days adventures makes for a great wind down activity of an evening. 

Don't expect Bali prices, credit card facilities or ATMs:

Everything from food to fuel is more expensive on Nusa Penida because almost everything needs to be imported. (Locals aren't ripping you off, I promise.)

Take cash with you as ATM's are rare (and are often out of cash) and expect to pay a bit more than usual.

Also, keep a few smaller notes on hand as you’ll often be expected to pay for using a public bathroom. Carry some toilet paper or baby wipes with you too.  

WIFI & Netflix:

WIFI is very hit and miss – which can be a lovely opportunity to disconnect but do make sure you download and save any info or shows you might need.

I know at times it’s handy to have a few episodes of Bluey saved for the little people. 

Again, your Bali Travel Diary will also be great for those times when you want something screen-free to engage them. With plenty of Bali themed activities, and space to document their holiday, they most certainly won’t be bored (or even notice the lack of WIFI).

So, there you have it - my top tips for getting the most out of a trip to Nusa Penida with kids.

It’s a great place to visit and if you have a chance to see it before it gets overdeveloped, do it. It makes the perfect side trip to a Bali holiday and being prepared with these tips will certainly make your time at the island even more enjoyable.

Happy traveling!

Kirstin XO