Here’s Exactly What Our 3 Week Trip to the USA Cost Us as a Family of Three!

If you follow us on stories, you’ll know we recently embarked on an amazing trip halfway around the world to cross some big things off our travel bucket list.

It’s been a dream for a long time to go to the US, and while we did have some nightmare weather, the trip was truly something special.

Many people have asked us what we spent all up, including all the ‘touristy’ things like visiting Disneyland, Vegas, and a bunch of national parks...

So, we’ve added it all together for you, and the grand total was…

$22,546 AUD

Our original estimate was 21k, so we stayed pretty close to the budget.

This figure includes every single cost associated with our trip, including care for our three dogs over the Christmas period!

Here's the exact breakdown:

👉🏻Return flights for three from Melbourne to L.A with Qantas $1300*

👉🏻Accommodation $5000

👉🏻Fully comprehensive travel insurance, visas, and international mobile roaming $907

👉🏻Activities, e.g., Disneyland (both the original park and California Adventure), Ice Hockey, Basketball, Anaheim 1, Santa Monica Pier, national park entrance fees and a few tours, $3600

👉🏻Car hire, over and above insurance for the car hire and fuel $2700

👉🏻Groceries and eating out $3327 - which works out to $160 per day

👉🏻Spending money, which included the shopping spree in duty-free and Victoria's Secret $2055

👉🏻Airport pick-up at LAX and Ubers $428

👉🏻Airport parking at Melbourne airport $529

👉🏻And lucky last, the boarding kennels $2700

This trip was a huge expense for us, but we spent considerable time saving and planning for it.

Was it worth it?


We made some incredible memories.

Got Q’s for us? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a DM.


Kirstin & Tom.

P.S if you haven't already done so, read our blog post on how we got return flights to the US for the whole family for $1300 total during the school holidays. 

This tip alone saved us $7700! 🙏🏼