Bali Family Holiday on a Budget: Seven Airfares for $1300 Return - Yes, Really!

If there’s one skill I’ve truly mastered, it’s the art of crafting incredible family vacations without breaking the bank.

My latest score? 

Finding return flights to Bali from Melbourne, for my immediate, and extended family, for a jaw-dropping TOTAL of $1300 (in the April school holidays). A mere $185 per person, given our party of seven. 

Where did I find these cheap flights? 

I discovered them on the Qantas website and leveraged my Qantas Frequent Flyer Points to book them. 

While you often see travel influencers flaunting boogee business class flights with their points, I am here to tell you the real MVP move is using Qantas Frequent Flyer points for economy travel.

Sure, business class travel would be nice, but using Qantas Frequent Flyer (QFF) points for economy travel allows my family to travel far more frequently than we ever could have imagined.

Plus, a little-known gem is that Qantas Frequent Flyer Points aren’t just limited to yours or your immediate family’s use. Their program generously allows you to book ‘free flights,’ also known as Classic Flight Rewards, for your extended family.

Which is precisely how I made it possible for 4 additional family members to join our family holiday to Bali - a gesture that was met with heartfelt appreciation. 

Qantas views eligible extended family members as: 

  • Parent/Step-parents
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner/De Facto
  • Children, including foster and step-children
  • Brother/Sisters
  • Half Brother/Sisters
  • Grandparents
  • Grandchildren
  • Son/Daughter-in-law
  • Brother/Sister-in-law
  • Father/Mother-in-law
  • Uncle/Aunts
  • Nephew/Nieces
  • First cousins

Now, you might be wondering how to accumulate enough Qantas Points to make this 'family vacation extravaganza' a reality. And honestly, I promise, it is more achievable than you think, especially since economy tickets require substantially less points.

In fact, the points for this Bali family holiday were accumulated in one year with minimal effort on my part.

Want to learn more about points hacking, and finding cheap flights to Bali (or elsewhere)? 

You can read my step-by-step breakdown HERE on an older blog post and learn exactly how to turn your family holiday dreams into a reality too. 

Already eager to sign up for a Qantas Frequent Flyer points earning credit card?

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With Qantas adding 20 million new reward seats this year to their classic plus rewards program, there's no better time to join, and using the above referral links you can score a hefty sign on points bonus! 

Full disclosure: I get bonus points too if you sign up - but even if I didn't, I'd still recommend these cards - they've been a game-changer for us and family holidays!

Planning a Bali family holiday? 

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