Commonly Asked Questions

Question: What Makes our Travel Diary and Activity Books so Unique? Why Buy Ours?


Real talk. We are well aware that we are not the first brand to make a Travel Diary for kids. So the question is why buy ours? What makes ours different?

1) They are destination specific not generic. The information and learning activities are tailored to your holiday destination to enhance your holiday experience. The Food, The Culture, The Language, The History!

2) They are filled with educational and interactive video content. We hear from families time and time again how much they love this feature of the book as it has helped their children interact with the locals while on holiday. A big win for their confidence!

3) They have been written in line with the curriculum and the activities have been co-created with qualified primary school and kindergarten teachers.

4) We've worked with one of the best illustrators, and our pages are all hand illustrated. We've also worked with many cultural experts to bring you credible information.

5) We are seriously passionate about travel and education - they are two experiences no one can ever take away from you, and we have thrown all of our energy into these books. 

Question: Which Book is Most Suitable For My Child the 3-5 or 5-8 year old edition?


The 3-5 and 5-8 is just a guide. Ultimately, you know your kiddies best. We've had kids who are 10, and 13 love the book and we've had plenty of adults tell us how much they learned and loved the books too.

Essentially though the cultural and video content teaching about your holiday destination is the same in each book. It is the learning activities in each book that differ. Each book is filled with age appropriate learning activities.

The 3-5-year-old book primarily focuses on skills required for preschoolers and early primary, i.e., pre writing development, letters and numbers, colors and shape recognition, and simple problem-solving.

The 5-8-year-old book primarily focuses on skills required in early to middle primary school, i.e., writing, sight words, mathematics, age-appropriate problem solving, and geography.

Both books have plenty of mindful and quiet time activities which are perfect for those long plane trips or chilling by the pool.