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There are a bunch of kids travel diaries around. So, what makes ours unique?

Our Travel Diaries are destination specific. 

They are not generic. The information and learning activities are tailored to your family’s holiday destination to enhance your child's holiday experience.

They'll learn about the food, the culture, the local language, and the history of the beautiful place they’re in as they explore. Bringing your adventure to life in new ways!

The pages come to life with interactive video content. 

Heading to Bali? Your child will pick up Bahasa Indonesian in no time! Heading to Thailand? Your child will pick up Thai!

So many families tell us how much they love this feature, as it helps their children connect and interact with the locals throughout their trip. A big win for their child’s confidence!

All of our Travel Diaries have been written in line with the Australian school curriculum. Plus, the activities have been co-created with qualified teachers, supported by cultural experts. 

So, if your child is missing school to travel off-peak, forget the guilt about them not learning anything, our books have got you covered!

Teachers love our Travel Diaries - many even encourage students to share their learnings with the class on their return!

Each of our Travel Diaries have QR codes embedded inside them.

All you need to do to bring the video content to life is hover a smartphone over the QR code(s), and a video that teaches your child the local language will load!

QR codes can be found on all language pages.

Ultimately, you know your kiddo best. We have books geared towards the 3-6 and 7-10 age brackets, but these are really just a guide, based on ‘average’ abilities and interests.

In terms of academic skill-level, the junior book primarily focuses on skills taught at pre-school and an early primary level. Things like pre-writing development, letters and numbers, colours, shape recognition and simple problem-solving.

The senior book focuses on skills developed in middle to later primary school. Things like writing, sight words, basic math's, general problem-solving and geography. As well as confidence building exercises and comprehension.

In each book the cultural content (the part that teaches your child about your chosen holiday destination) and the video content (the part that teaches your child the local language) is the same.

If your child is over 10, they’ll likely still love the senior edition.

We’ve had kids who are 11, 12 and 13 (and even 33) really enjoy the book and get so much out of the content and interactive learn the local language videos.

Plus, they'll be grateful for the keepsake and photo album they can look back on in years to come.

In the Bali, Thailand, Fiji and Australia editions, there are 15 x A4 diary pages, plus 2 x pages for holiday reflection where children can document their favourite meals, friends they met along the way etc.

We find the 17 pages are enough for holidays under 30 days, as typically (despite best intentions), children may miss documenting a day or two while away due to being worn out from a busy day of exploring!

The remaining pages contain educational content, activities, and QR codes that bring the video content to life.

Neither the polaroid camera nor the instant printer is required to use or enjoy any of our Travel Diaries. They're simply an optional extra.

Do they enhance the experience? Absolutely.

Kids LOVE taking photos and watching them develop or printing out pictures from mum or dad's phone to stick in their Travel Diary. So, if the budget allows it, we recommend adding one or the other to your order, but it’s certainly not required.

Absolutely! We're currently creating New Zealand and Japan Travel Diaries, and we’d love to do USA, UK, and Europe Editions too. Perhaps even a cruise edition? Who knows!

The more everyone supports My Big Adventure, the more we can invest in developing and launching new editions for everyone to enjoy.

P.S. If you'd like to have input into which edition we release next head to our 'REQUEST A DESTINATION page' and vote!

Feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form below, or via the 'chat app' and we'll reply ASAP! 

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