How My Big Adventure Was Born

One of the reasons we love family travel is that it allows us to bond unlike anything at home. There are no school runs, lunches to be packed, dishes or clothes to be washed or work (hell yes 🙌🏻! Our time is truly our own to spend with one and another. And if we're totally honest, from time to time we take TJ out of school to travel.

We wanted to keep the school learning going while on vacation but focus TJ's learning with interactive and engaging activities to enhance his total holiday experience. You know, to really immerse himself in the culture, history, food, and language. All that travel has to offer. We might add we wanted this all without falling behind in the standard school curriculum.

We searched and searched for a product that met our needs, and we couldn't find one, and so, we created one. 

So in short our books were totally born to alleviate that parental guilt we had of pulling TJ out of school for a week or two during the school term to travel. But travel in the school term or not the books we've come up with are pretty bloody awesome and we're really proud of them.