Why We Rate and Love Bali as a Family Holiday Destination

Why we love Bali as a family holiday destination. 💕

Between us we’ve traveled quite extensively yet time and time again when choosing our next holiday destination, we pick Bali. Our family and friends now call us Bali Addicts.

When we chat about Bali to some of our friends/family many are apprehensive about traveling to Bali.

I do understand - when people think of Bali, it’s easy to think from all the media hype it’s nothing but crowded beaches, bars full of Aussie bogans wearing Bintang singlets, and grown adults with questionable hair braids.

I assure you though that is a huge misconception and Bali has so much more to offer than that. It is a wonderful holiday destination.

Bali is the only destination I know of where you can have 20 different types of holiday in the one location.

The adventure holiday, the spa holiday, the foodie holiday, the yoga/retreat holiday, the veg by the pool holiday...

As well as the perfect family holiday destination it’s also perfect for a girls trip, lovers trip, Mum and daughter trip... But back to why we love Bali as a family destination...

Bali is awesome for kids coz, the flight duration is really bearable 🙌🏻


Bali gives children the unique learning opportunity of enjoying a holiday all while experiencing a different climate, food, language, and culture (so close yet so different).

Plus, the Balinese love kids and totally seem to sense when you need a break and help out.

The food, cocktails, and day spas are world class (don’t rule out the day spa for kids - massage and calming oils = perfect quiet time activity).


Its great bang for your buck.

So, if you’re unsure of where to go for your next family holiday – I urge you to consider Bali. It really is a great memory making destination. There’s a reason people keep going back time and time again right?!

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