Workplace Appreciation

Not going to lie there were times in the corporate workforce where I felt really unappreciated. Oh, how many times I *mentally* wrote my resignation letter. 

I vowed if I was ever a “boss” to try my hardest never to have any staff member feel that way. Feeling unappreciated is just a really shitty, soul-destroying feeling.

When Tom and I started MBA, we vowed that no matter how big MBA gets we will always hold onto this value. It’s been so important to us in our careers to date as managers and as colleagues and it remains super important to us both today. 

That’s why this week just because we sent some gorgeous wildflowers to our illustrator Mel. We are so lucky to have Mel. She truly is every business owners dream. Plus, Mel is as humble as humble comes (another value we love). 

What does your workplace do to show their appreciation? Always keen for ideas. Email us! We want to know!