Six Ways to Get Alone/Quiet Time on a Family Holiday!

In desperate need of 48 hours sleep, a massage, mojito and holiday said every mum ever. Here are our top tips for getting some alone/quiet time on a family holiday!

1) Embrace kids clubs and family resorts.

2) Get an interconnecting room or a suite that has a separate lounge room or hire a villa.

3) Embrace traveling with friends and family and tag team nights on/off.

4) Get in touch with Balis Best Babysitting & Nanny Service or a reputable Nanny/Babysitting company and book a date night!

5) Take your kids to the Day Spa and book them to have treatments too. This past holiday we took TJ (unsure how he would go) and he loved it. We went several times and he quickly ended up asleep every time.

6) Always have lots of snacks on hand! If all else fails hopefully, you'll get five to ten minutes between Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, MUUUUUUUM to get your zen on.