Nusa Penida With Kids

By now I’m sure you’ve seen this beautiful picture on your socials – it’s Nusa Penida and boy is it a stunner. However, if you’re intending on traveling to Nusa Penida with kids, there are a few things you need to know before going. We’ve listed our top tips below.

1) Stay the night or two – it is WAY too big a day to catch the ferry in the morning and back again in the afternoon. We stayed at Coco Penida Resort as we found this to be the most family-friendly accommodation on the island. This way you also get to enjoy the sights before the crowds the next morning.

2) Be sure to pack any essentials – nappies, formula, medication, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, snacks, etc. This fast-becoming famous island is not yet set up for tourism; however, what Nusa Penida lacks in infrastructure it makes up for with its unspoiled natural beauty and authentic culture.

3) Take your belongings in a backpack, not a suitcase. Depending on the tide you may have to wade in knee deep water (or thigh deep water in my case) to get on and off the ferry. Be prepared to carry children. 

4) Kelingking Beach (pronounced Cling King). It is GORGEOUS but be warned the walk down to the beach is NOT suitable for children, and there are MINIMAL safety barriers at the viewing points. Definitely pack a Safety Harness/Lead or Toddler Carrier if you have children of that age. 

5) Pack proper shoes. The terrain on the island can be challenging and steep. 

6) If you have a fussy eater pack fruit and snacks for them to eat. There are not always specific kids’ menus available and more often than not the restaurants only serve local cuisine. 

7) Don’t expect Bali prices. Everything is imported onto the island, and it is more expensive than in Bali. Budget accordingly.

8) Scooter really is the best way to get around. Given Tom has his motorbike license, traffic was quiet, and we weren’t going terribly fast (30 kms p/h) we felt it was safe for the three of us to travel around by scooter. Be sure to check your travel insurance covers you if you and your family choose to ride a scooter. 

9) The roads are VERY unmade in parts and VERY bumpy. If you have a bad back etc. reconsider traveling by scooter. Pay a local to drive you around by car instead and be prepared to walk where cars can’t reach. 

10) Keep toilet paper and hand sanitizer on you and small notes - toilets are few and far between and if you do come across one be prepared to pay for the privilege. 

Bonus tip: Wifi is very hit and miss. It actually was a perfect opportunity to force us all to disconnect. 

All in all Nusa Penida really is a great place to visit and is one to see before it gets overdeveloped. 

It makes the perfect side trip to a Bali holiday and being prepared with these tips will certainly make your time at the island more enjoyable.

Happy traveling.