How to Avoid the Dreaded Bali Belly

How to avoid the dreaded Bali Belly. 

When I hear people talk about potentially traveling to Bali, so many people stress out and are put off traveling to Bali because of Bali Belly. 

Once they've gotten over that hurdle and decided to travel to beautiful Bali, they spend so much energy researching 'how to avoid Bali Belly' on forums. 

These so-called remedies fill my Facebook feed every day. Take probiotics, line your stomach with a shot of red cordial (must be Cascade brand), take charcoal tablets, have a Bintang each morning.....

I get it. Before traveling to Bali, I was exactly the same. And who wants to spend their holiday sick?!

But the truth is (well my philosophy/truth anyway) if ya gonna get it, ya gonna get it. Kinda like your kids getting knits and gastro from school. It's to some extent inevitable.

My advice - Don't stress out about getting it there is a great chance you won't. In all our travels to Bali, I'm the only one to have ever gotten “Bali Belly”, and I've only had it the once *that's a story for another day*. 

Practice good hygiene, don't drink the water, eat in busy places, and chances are you'll be fine! You’ll come home wondering what on earth you were ever worried about. 

So, if Bali Belly is all that's stopping you from exploring beautiful Bali get it out of ya head. Stop missing out. There’s a reason people keep going back time and time again right?!