8 Benefits of your Kids Keeping a Travel Diary!

1) It’s an excellent way for your kids to focus their excitement and build anticipation of your upcoming trip. It is also a great way to reduce any anxiety leading up to the trip.

2) Studies say kids who write in their own time away from school are more likely to exceed age expectations in writing - National Literacy Trust. Travel Diaries keep the school learning going in a fun way while you’re on vacation. Plus, Children can practice their handwriting without the fear of it being marked.

3) With children spending so much time using technology, handwriting is becoming a lost art. While technology is essential, writing is such an important life skill. It’s also a brilliant opportunity for them to discover the pleasure they can get from writing.

4) Writing a diary is an excellent way for children to process their thoughts and express their feelings. With mental health issues on the rise in children of primary school age, learning how to express emotions is a vital life skill, and one which keeping a diary can help them develop.

5) It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with other families. Recently one of our customers told us that SO many families stopped to talk to them on their recent holiday to Bali. The books started the conversations.

6) Traveling can be hectic. Our books are filled with journaling, reflection, meditative coloring, which are excellent for calming the kids down of an afternoon/evening.

7) It gets the kid's creative brain going. And it’s a great place to store mementos, e.g., plane tickets, brochures. Plus, it gives you something other than the iPad to pass the time on those long train rides and flights.

8) It becomes a personal souvenir that you can look back on as a family and reminisce. It is also great to show teachers or grandparents, and you can share every precious moment and feel that surge of happiness in your heart every time you read it.

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