10 Tips to Survive Flying Travel with Kids

Traveling with kids is hard – I’m not going to lie, but there are indeed some things you can do to make plane travel easier and save your sanity.

Here are my top tips for surviving plane travel with kids.

✈️Choose your flight time wisely. Having done both, we actually think flying at night time (in line with TJ’s usual sleep time) is easier. We hate it, but we hate having a tired and grumpy child more.

✈️Book an airport hotel. If you have a long trek to the airport or to your final destination book an airport hotel. Trust us it is money well spent.

✈️Talk to your child(ren) about what to expect. Explain that there will be lots of lining up and waiting but the holiday at the end will be well worth it.

✈️If your child is over 4 get a bag they can carry on their own. Get them to carry it. If not purchase a Lugabug.

✈️Allow yourself extra time, kids always need the toilet, don’t they?

✈️Wipes. You can never have enough wipes and hand sanitizer. Planes are full of germs, and the last thing you need is for anyone to get sick.

✈️A Teddy. A familiar teddy can help children feel more comfortable and relax. A lot is going on at an airport and onboard an aeroplane, and it can be overwhelming.

✈️Snacks. Pack plenty of snacks. As soon as we sit, I give TJ his snack box that way he is chewing when we take off (ears), and he doesn’t have to wait until the meals are served before, he eats. No one likes a Hangry child. I got ours from @snackboxsez, and we love it. It is like a mini bento box and holds 5 – 6 different snacks.

✈️Order a special meal so you’ll be served first. Seeing everyone else get their meals and asking a child to patiently wait their turn is asking for an irritated child.

✈️Something new. We didn’t let TJ use his Bali Activity Book until we were at the airport. When he finally received the book, it was like Christmas. There is plenty of coloring and activities in the book to keep kids entertained on the flight.

✈️Comfy Headphones – let's face it the headphones they give you on the plane are for the most part cheap crap and uncomfortable. Pack your own. It’s the little things that make all the difference. I am yet to try the ones from Kooshy Kids but they look amazingly comfortable for little ears, and I’ll be purchasing them for our next trip.

✈️Ensure the movies on your iPad/Laptop work offline. I once forgot to check and let's just say it was a bloody long plane ride to Thailand.

✈️Non-tech games. I always pack a game like Uno in case the iPad fails, or we can’t use technology in flight for some reason.

✈️Pack Pyjamas if flying at night they automatically signal bedtime.

✈️ Kooshy Kids Kushion best bloody invention ever (and Lugabug). One day I hope to be able to fly business class, but until then these cushions are a lifesaver. Seriously, best invention ever.

Lastly, expect the worst and hope for the best – when you travel (especially with kids) things will go wrong, and kids will play up. Try and roll with the punches as best as you can, be flexible, have a vino and BREATHE!